Air Work

Airwork, pneumatic cylinders, valves and air treatment

Welcome to Airwork, an Italian manufacturing company specialized in the designing, manufacturing and selling of standard and customized solutions in the pneumatic automation industrial field.
A strong passion for products, push our Company towards a continue development and innovation process in a field which is continuously changing.
In our catalogue you can find pneumatic cylinders and actuators, valves and electrovalves, air treatment units and fittings; these are the four product families that lots of new customers are choosing and are appreciating.
AirWork is part of a big and consolidated Group, with UNI EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, who is operating from 25 years in many industrial fields and boasts a modern and proven designing system, an always up-to-date and powerful machinery, dedicated lines for products assembling and testing thanks to the highest standard of detection and quality control.
The experience and skills of AirWork staff is the added value to the efficient organization and high standards of quality.
All these elements make AirWork ambitious to reach new and bigger goals through a continuous innovation of our products, with the aim to satisfy all our customers requests.



The range of pneumatic actuators is divided into two main categories: normalized pneumatic cylinders and not normalized pneumatic cylinders.

In the product program of Airwork there are cylinders complying with the norms ISO 6432, 15552 (the old 6431) and ISO 21287.

The not normalized actuators include: compact cylinders, rotary cylinders, guide units, blocking units and air/oil units.

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The range of valves is also divided into two categories, normalized valves and not normalized. The valves complying with the norms are according to ISO 5599/1 and Namur.

The wide range of valves not complying with any norms includes: electrically actuated valves, pneumatic actuated, manual actuated, mechanical actuated and a series of auxiliary valves and accessories for the control of air.

All valves are realized in aluminium alloy in order to grant resistance and stability during time, a guideline that Airwork follows since the beginning of its history

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Airwork offers a wide range of pneumatic fittings: push-in fittings in plastic, nickel plated brass or stainless steel, standard nickel plated brass fittings with parallel or taper threads, push-on fittings, compression fittings, flow regulators and tube in polyamide, polyurethane and polyethylene in different colours.

The high quality of our fittings and their competitive prices, make these products very interesting.

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Airwork’s pneumatic grippers represent the right solution for simple manipulation requirements, where small dimensions are needed.
Thanks to the possibility to be assembled in different positions, they can be used in several applications.
They are available in different models: angular grippers, angular grippers at 180°, parallel grippers, parallel grippers with wide opening and parallel grippers with 3 jaws.
All different models can be equipped with a round magnetic switch

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Metal FRL units realized by Airwork have been designed to offer an higher quality, thanks to materials and technology used. Moreover, every single unit is 100% tested before the delivery.
This metal series, with a piston functioning system, is equipped with filters and filtration cartridges in 20 micron syntered bronze.
Lubricators, which have oil load from the top, are realized with a system which guarantees the lubrication even at very low pressures.
The series includes the dryer, the selector valve and the pilot controlled regulator.
Available sizes are: 1/8″-1/4″-3/8″-1/2″-3/4″-1

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