EMSYS GmbH stands for the targeted synthesis of electrical engineering with mechanics. Especially in the field of measuring and monitoring systems for large-scale systems, we have successfully implemented technical solutions. Thus, numerous patented products are the result of our consistent development work. Today, EMSYS delivers components, systems and systems that reduce machine downtime and thus contribute to the profitability of your company.

Belt Rip Detection

– retrofittable
– easy operation
– compact design
– highest reliability
– multi-communication options

Belt Steering Gear

– compact design
– low maintenance
– can be used under extreme adverse conditions
– simple installation optimizes belt traverse
– properties
– self powered
– cost reductions
– multi-communication possibilities

Debris Conveyor

– energy self-powered
– convenient installation
– maintenance-free
– high efficience
– compact design applicable for extreme conditions


– compact design
– maintenance-free
– continuous measurement of belt-position
– applicable for extreme conditions simple integration into plant- and process automation systems
– convenient installation

Single-Bracket Belt Scale

– simple installation
– easy to maintain
– simple to operate
– robust design
– manifold integration into plant- and process automation