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Series A, AV, HV Tie Rod Hydraulic & Pneumatic NFPA Cylinder – Multiple MLs


Series A, AV, HV Tie Rod Hydraulic & Pneumatic NFPA Cylinders, also known as Tom Thumb® Cylinders, feature a tie rod construction and are field repairable. Optional Port Controls® regulate speed through the entire stroke and the Rodlok option holds the rod in place wherever desired. Series A, AV, HV NFPA Cylinders are designed to NFPA standards with a wide array of options and mounting styles for easy installation.

  • Designed to provide long life in many rugged applications
  • Working pressure ranges up to 150 psi air for Series AV and up to 1500 psi hydraulic for Series HV
  • Can be specified with built-in flow controls, cushions, shock pads, stroke adjustment, magnetic piston for hall effect or reed switches, and many other time saving options


Wide range of options and sizes makes it fast and easy to select suitable cylinder.

Series SD/SE Versatile Thruster Pneumatic Slide


Series SD/SE Versatile Thruster Pneumatic Slides feature more than 45 standard options and are powered by PHD’s Series AV Tom Thumb Cylinders. Long or short body styles are available according to the nature of the application. Bushings may be either TC composite or linear ball bushings with the option of oversize guide shafts. Series SD/SE Slides are designed to fit the most versatile needs in a single high performance package.

  • Up to 28″ of standard travel
  • Typical loads up to 50 pounds
  • High performance, many options


Wide variety of travels and sizes, oversize shafts with PHD’s rugged TC bushings provide excellent value