Tyre & Rubber Industry


  • Closing Gripper
  • Blank Finger
  • Opening Gripper

Air preparation

  • Positive-Negative Pressure Union Filter
  • Hollow Fiber Membrance Filter
  • Fiber Dryer
  • Dry Unit
  • Air Filter

Air Suspension

  • Bus Suspension
  • Truck & Trailer Suspension
  • Controls & Special Products

Belt Rip Detection

– retrofittable
– easy operation
– compact design
– highest reliability
– multi-communication options

Belt Steering Gear

– compact design
– low maintenance
– can be used under extreme adverse conditions
– simple installation optimizes belt traverse
– properties
– self powered
– cost reductions
– multi-communication possibilities


  • Speed Controller
  • Speed Controller Large-Flow type
  • Speed Controller Low Flow-Rate type
  • Slot-head Speed Controller
  • 2-stage Speed Controller

Debris Conveyor

– energy self-powered
– convenient installation
– maintenance-free
– high efficience
– compact design applicable for extreme conditions

Energy Equipment Parts

Energy equipment parts division is a division of Wheels India Ltd. engaged in manufacturing components for Energy Equipments like Wind Turbines and machined components for various other application.

External vacuum controller

  • External Vacuum Controller VJP
  • External Vacuum Controller VXP and VXPT
  • External Vacuum Controller VQP
  • External Vacuum Controller VZP
  • External Vacuum Controller VNP


The Fab division has been started on June 2012 to cater to the fabrication needs of construction and mining equipment sector. Starting out with Dump Truck Body fabrication, the Fab division will soon target customers for chassis frames, buckets and boom fabrication in the short run and fabrication requirement of machine tool sector and oil and gas sector in the long run.

Located in Thirumudivakkam SIDCO (Chennai), the factory is spread over 40000 sft and is well connected by Road, Rail and Air to all major cities in India.

The Fab division has a well developed network of vendors to address its cutting, bending and machining needs. We have a team with rich and varied experience in welding & fabrication. Our strength is rapid development and scale up of new product manufacturing.


  • Tube Fitting Standard Series
  • Tube Fitting Mini Series
  • Minimal Fitting
  • Tube Fitting Stainless SUS316 Series
  • Tube Fitting Stainless SUS316 Compression Fitting Series

Heavy Engineering

The Heavy Engineering Division of Wheels India at Deoli, Wardha, Started on March-2010 and manufactures auto structurals like beams, boxes & columns, auto welded & manually welded from plates & rolled sections, to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

Our factory is located in an area of 30 Acres with a covered area of around 12,000 sq. meters, and is located 15 KM. from the city Wardha. Wardha is well connected by Air, Rail & Road transportation from all the major cities in India, the nearest being Nagpur.

This facility is one of the largest well-integrated workshops of its kind and has facilities for fabrication of heavy auto welded structure.

Our deep commitment to quality and prompt delivery established us as the most reliable company in this field. Today we meet the requirements of the major OEM for Power Industry.

We have in-house full – fledged Quality department with all, inspection & measuring instruments & NDT facilities. The quality plans will be made in accordance with the customer specific requirements and will be followed strictly.

Pressure sensor & switch

  • Pressure Gauge
  • Digital Pressure Gauge
  • Handy Manometer
  • Mechanical Pressure Sensor VUSM
  • 8mm width LED Digital Pressure Sensor


– compact design
– maintenance-free
– continuous measurement of belt-position
– applicable for extreme conditions simple integration into plant- and process automation systems
– convenient installation

Simple vacuum generator

  • Vacuum Generator VH and VS
  • Vacuum Generator VU
  • Vacuum Generator VUM
  • Vacuum Generator VY
  • Vacuum Generator VB

Single-Bracket Belt Scale

– simple installation
– easy to maintain
– simple to operate
– robust design
– manifold integration into plant- and process automation

Solenoid valve

  • Solenoid Valve SVB
  • Solenoid Valve SVA 21
  • Solenoid Valve SVA20
  • Solenoid Valve SVR
  • Sub-D connector


  • Polyurethane Tube, UB
  • Soft Polyurethane Tube, UC
  • Air Exclusive Polyurethane Tube, UBT
  • Low Friction Polyurethane Tube, UBS
  • Nylon Tube, NA