Series BCS2 Stretch Rod Cylinder


Series BCS2 Stretching Cylinders are spare components for ‘S’ style Model SBO Series2 machines. These cylinders mount into the same space and bolt patterns, provide significantly longer service life, and reduce maintenance and downtime in stretch blow molding applications. Units feature internally lubricated polymer bearings, alloy steel piston rods, and urethane piston and rod seals for maximum life and durability. Cylinders are manifold-ready for integration of optional ISO valve. Series BCS2 Stretching Cylinders are designed and lab tested to perform over 20 million cycles and be easily field repairable.

  • Drop-in replacement for ‘S’ Style Series2 machines
  • Available with -X27 check valve
  • Mounts into the same space and bolt pattern


Rugged and lightweight design, standard internal shock pads, provides long life, reduces maintenance and downtime



  • PHD Cylinder mounts into the same space and bolt patterns
  • Provides significantly longer life and reduces maintenance and downtime.
  • Mounting options provide ease of design into application
  • Internal shock pads are standard, eliminating metal to metal contact, and cushion controls are available for end of stroke deceleration.
  • Easily field repairable to maximize investment.