Air preparation

  • Positive-Negative Pressure Union Filter
  • Hollow Fiber Membrance Filter
  • Fiber Dryer
  • Dry Unit
  • Air Filter


Positive-Negative Pressure Union Filter

  • With the same convenience as the conventional vacuum filters (VFU series), the filter can be used in the positive pressure as well
Hollow Fiber Membrance Filter
  • By adopting the hollow fiber to the filter, the filtration accuracy of 0.01μm and, trapping efficiency of 99.99% has been realized
Fiber Dryer
  • This hollow fiber film type dryer does not require electric power
Dry Unit
  • Fiber Dry is newly combined to Filter/Mist-Filter or Micromist Filter/Regulator
Air Filter
  • Air filter is designed for draining and removal of foreign matter. (Element filtering capacity :5μm)
Mist Filter
  • Mist filter is designed removal of foreign matter as well as oil mist.( Element filtering capacity :0.3μm)
Micromist Filter
  • Micromist filter is designed for removal of foreign matter as well as oil mist. (Element filtering capacity :0.01μm)
  • With or without a pressure gauge and the handle position (Upper or down position) is selectable
Filter Regulator
  • The filter regulator is a regulator combined with a filter for removal of drainage and foreign material
Filter and Regulator Combination Unit
  • Air filter is combined among a mist filter, a micromist filter and a regulator
Air Tank (check local regulations first)
  • Reducing the fluctuations and pulsations of compressed air and vacuum